Ethics. For body and mind.

Crescent Soaps was created out of an ethical idea; ‘The need for Muslim pilgrims to cleanse themselves whilst they are performing their Hajj’. How could you cleanse yourself if the soap you were using was tainted? It was a simple idea based on a genuine ethical need. We had to create a Halal soap formula.

Now, Halal means lawful or permitted. Think Kosher and you’ve got the gist. Halal is not all about meat. So when we say our soap is Halal, it means that only permissible ingredients and guidelines were adhered to so that it could be used by Muslims or anyone else who requires a soap bar that is free from Alcohol, Preservatives, Synthetic Chemicals and is Totally Natural.

And it goes deeper, not only is our soap formula Halal but so is the packaging; it’s been ethically sourced. The glue we use is Halal, in fact the grease used to keep our soap production machinery moving is also Halal. At every stage we kept our bars of soap pure.

That’s just the physical manifestations of our ethics. The emotional ethics come from us, by that we mean our Muslim household.

We are just a normal Husband and Wife from London with a growing family. We wanted to create something that reflects our family needs and that of the greater community; our philosophy is simple, if you can make a difference, no matter how big or small the commitment is, we think you should. It’s good old fashioned helping thy neighbour.

Naturally we are further committed to helping the community with our charity partners. We will make a percentage donation to these good causes, both home and away.

Crescent Soaps is for your body and mind.